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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mama Time

I am one lucky mama! Last night, I got home to find that Josh had picked up Brooklyn and Jackson and was at the kitchen table with all five kids, discussing homework. That's his job at our house. I don't touch that subject. FYI. He was clearly upset with Braxton (no surprise). He was trying to figure out some mistakes with Kaydon. Kaydon is the least of his homework problems. He was trying to get Colton focused on the task at hand. He was trying to ignore Jackson, who was set on letting everyone know that yesterday was an epically bad day. And he was trying to pay attention to Brooklyn who also wanted to discuss her homework. I put my purse down, took my coat off and got started on pancakes for dinner, at Brooklyn's request. In the midst of conversation, Braxton got mad, left the kitchen and slammed his bedroom door. Colton wanted to talk about everything EXCEPT what he was supposed to be doing. Jackson wanted to continue to discuss how his day sucked. Kaydon just wanted to talk about how he would be graduating from DARE. And, Brooklyn wanted to eat the pancake batter. I watched as Josh walked calmly to Braxton's room, shut the door and talked for a long while. He got Colton started on his research paper, which Colton stayed focused on for THREE HOURS. He told Kaydon what he needed to talk to his teacher about. Then, he left Jackson and Brooklyn to me. After cleaning up dinner, Jackson and Brooklyn and I went to my room. We put a movie in, got in our jammies and laid in bed, eating popcorn. Actually, Sis and I laid in bed eating popcorn. Jackson cuddled up on my floor with my pillow and blanket, where he fell asleep. My big, 6'2" 15-year old cuddled up on my floor, while watching Shrek the Halls, and fell asleep. BEST moment ever. Brooklyn and I sang and watched our movies and ate our popcorn and told each other stories. It was one of those moments in my life that I wanted to have never end. I was being a mom, in the best sense, getting to know my children, spending time with them, making memories, laughing and holding them and comforting them. My heart just about exploded.
And, Dad got homework done. He sat at the kitchen table for three hours with Braxton and Colton, working on math and a research paper on Legos. They had their time, too. The time that they needed, to know that they matter, that Josh cares about them and is willing to sit there for three hours to help with with homework. They had his attention for three hours. Kaydon went between Josh and I, checking in on everyone, all the while playing with his Legos and watching his own movie. I am blessed.

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