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Friday, February 13, 2015

Central Davis Wrestling - Jackson's First Meet

This boy of mine had his first dual on Tuesday night. He was wrestling for the JV spot. He lost. He worked hard though and I was so proud of him. Josh isn't sure how much longer this kiddo can play sports. He seems to get injured constantly. And, I do mean constantly. He really seems to be taking to wrestling, though. In fact, I think he has fallen in love with it. Me too, bud, me too. By the way, do you love the uniforms?!?! Joshua designed them. He was able to get rash guards and fight shorts approved by the district so that these boys don't have to wear singlets. Junior high boys are silly. Josh has 60 kids who have come out for wrestling this year, which is a record! He is such a great coach! I asked Jackson if it was hard having your dad as the coach. He said it wasn't. "If they are going to act like idiots, he's gonna yell. That's their problem, not mine!" I love that boy of mine!

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