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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Growing Up - Or Not

Jackson was asked to Jordan High School's Preference Dance, this Saturday. This past weekend, after our Valentines Dinner, we went to Kohls and Josh and Jackson picked out an outfit. I don't shop. I hate shopping. Josh shops. I stay home. However, this time we ALL went. Good times. Rather than staying home, I stood nearby and cried. I'm a big baby. What can I say?! This boy is such a great kid. He is going to look so handsome. I ordered the corsage for the dance and I'll pick it up Saturday morning. We will be hanging out with Papa and Grandma on Saturday so that we are in Sandy for the pick up and drop offs.
Then, yesterday while Braxton and I were at the kitchen table doing homework, I look out the sliding glass door to see this --- ninjas. I love that our 15 year old can still be a little kid at heart!

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