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Friday, February 20, 2015

Match One

Yesterday, Jackson wrestled his first wrestling match. It was an away match, at Farmington Junior High. There were two mats going at the same time, one was varsity which was the mat Josh was coaching and the other was the JV mat where Josh's assistant coach was coaching. Jackson's match was one of the last matches. He was set to wrestle on the JV mat. He looked at me and said, "Get Dad." I ran over to the other mat and told Josh that Jackson needed him. Right then, they switched Jack's match to Josh's mat. There is something about watching your husband coach his son that is very emotional for me. Jackson was ready. He has never wrestled before, but he works VERY hard in practice and he is dedicated to wrestling. He gave it his all and he pinned the kid in less than a minute. I might have cried. After shaking his opponent's coach's hand, he hugged his dad (he fell into his arms). I am SO proud of the young man he is. Below are pictures of my new wrestling boys. There are over 60 of them! This is a testament to the coach Joshua is. This school has never had more than 20 wrestlers. Ever. The pictures below that is Jackson and his mentor, Sam. Sam is an incredible young man. Incredible. He is a phenomenal wrestler. He could very well go undefeated. But he has focused on Jackson. Jackson looks up to him very much.

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