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Friday, February 6, 2015

My Sweet Becca

Please meet my Becca. Becca worked with eLearning for years, then she had this crazy desire to be a mommy. :) She is mommy to Evan, Bradley, Leah Grace, and Ezekiel. Evan is 3, Bradley is 2, Leah Grace is in God's arms right now, and Ezekiel is two weeks old! Two weeks ago, Becca was 29 weeks pregnant with Zeke when she was taken to the emergency room by her husband. Becca had fainted four times in three days and had been showing some signs of forgetfulness and lacking emotion. After tests, it was discovered that Becca had an enormous brain tumor. Zeke was taken by c-section, and portions of the cancer were removed from her brain concurrently. The amount of cancer that was taken from her brain is about the size of her husband's fist. It is an aggressive cancer. At that time, Becca was given 12-18 months to live. That prognosis has been upgraded, thankfully, since then, however Becca will still die from this cancer. Zeke is doing amazing. If you don't believe in miracles, you will now. Zeke is on room air. He has an NG tube, currently, but the next three weeks he will be taught to suck, then suck and swallow. His brain is clear of brain bleeds, and his natural heart murmur is expected to close on its own. Zeke has no chance of having had the cancer spread to him, as the cancer is considered intrinsic,or contained to one area. Becca is home. She is never alone. Her husband is on leave until at least the middle of April. Grandparents are helping with Evan and Bradley. She is taken to be with Zeke every morning. Becca will begin chemo and radiation concurrently in two weeks. This will be a one year process. This buys Becca more time, and hopefully keeps the cancer at bay for a while. My Becca is beautiful, smart, fun, kind, compassionate, infectious with her happiness and faith. She is upbeat always. She believes that she is a daughter of God. I do as well. She believes in miracles, and is completely aware that she is witnessing them in her own life. I do as well. If you have a few extra prayers, send them her way. She has quite a difficult path ahead of her, as do her family members. I love you, my sweet Becca.

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