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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Some people think that we are mean parents. He he. Our kids have responsibilities. They do not receive an allowance. He he. Our kids do their own laundry. They each have an assigned day of the week to do their laundry. They also each have a dishes day, where they are in charge of dishes. They are obviously responsible for their beds and rooms. They take out garbage, vacuum, clean bathrooms, mow lawns, and do whatever else is asked of them. Recently, they also began ironing their own Sunday shirts. It's awesome! Now, when I say they don't get an allowance, it's accurate. They do not receive an allowance, but they do get what they need. If they want to get paid, they have to ask if they can do extra work. For instance, Kaydon wanted some money. Josh had him clear out the entire garden. He he. Kaydon was stoked! He was stoked until he realized what a big job he was about it do. So, he took the lessons we have taught him regarding bartering and he hired Braxton to help him. He paid Braxton $5 of his $20. I love watching my kiddos be so big!

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