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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I have a friend at work who is getting married soon. She has two grown children. Her fiance has two teenage children. His story is heartbreaking. He married, they adopted two children about three years ago, and then his wife died of cancer soon after that. She continues to ask me how Josh and I transitioned into a blended family. It's a funny question for me because I don't remember any real struggle with our "transition." It went very smooth from day one. Josh was all-in from day one. He began doing PPI's every Sunday pretty close to day one. The boys were fully aware that he loved them and cared about them and they were okay with all of that. In fact, the children were asking when we were going to get married within months of us meeting. They were ready for us to be a family immediately. They struggled greatly with only seeing Josh on the weekends. They needed him there every day.
Brooklyn was 2 when we met. Colton was 7, Kaydon 8, Braxton 9, and Jackson was 11. Our family of seven is all Brooklyn knows. Having four brothers is all she knows. Having two moms is all she knows. The children have never gone through a "transition" as far as the five of them goes. As far as the children are concerned, there are five kids in our family. No one is a "step." That is a word we do not use. If you ask the boys how many brothers and sisters they have, they will always ALWAYS include Brooklyn as their sister - no questions asked. For us, we have been incredibly blessed. We have never struggled with tough hurdles or transition pit falls. If anything, the boys have worried that Josh wouldn't always be there. They love their daddy. They know that he loves them and that he will always be there. He is all-in all of the time! Brooklyn and I have a great bond. She's my girl. Period. I love having mommy-daughter time with her. We are one family of seven.

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