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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Dearest People Who Hate Wrestling (RRH & Martha): Although I don't see how it is possible for one not to love the sport of wrestling, I am trying very hard to respect your opinions. You see, when Josh told me a few years ago that he was going to begin coaching wrestling, I told him that I would not be attending. This was surprising to him because I am a HUGE sports fan and a VERY big UFC fan. I told him that the leotards that the boys wore were disgusting and the fact that they role around on the mat was just not something I could get into. He promised me that after I watched one match, I would fall in love with it. Right he was! It is my favorite sport of all! That says a lot. I love the competition. I love the discipline that youth are taught through wrestling. I love the team spirit that is felt through wrestling. I love the confidence that youth receive through wrestling. I love watching those who have never wrestled before find something in themselves that they couldn't have found any other way. I have watched my own boy, my Jackson, become a different kid. He was a GREAT kid before wrestling. He is a greater kid with wrestling. I love watching my husband coach. I love the love that he has for his athletes. I love the courage it takes to get out on that mat and display everything you have learned. I love the way my husband instills all of these things in his athletes, and more importantly in his own kids. Our kids wrestle with their dad any time and any where. Below are pictures of Josh and his Kaydon wrestling on the back lawn on Saturday. Why? Just because.

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