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Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Open Letter to Another Girl

This is becoming a theme that I would rather not continue. Mama Bear writes again. Dear Different Girl - Regarding Different Son: First, I need to take some responsibility here. I actually encouraged this son to just "ask you out." NEVER AGAIN. What was I thinking? Ninth graders and eighth graders DO NOT need to "go out." Please see an older post that was directed toward another girl, regarding another son. This is like an epidemic! Or, maybe I just have a lot of kids so it just seems like an epidemic. Anywho, you're kids. I know that in this world you might not feel like "kids." Maybe you feel grown-up. You're not. An eighth grader isn't much different than a seventh grader (see other post), and therefore I would like to suggest doing eighth grader things like watching "Lizzy McGuire," or making crafts like elastic bracelets, or painting your nails. Heck, get your mom to sign a waiver so you can go tanning! But, boys just shouldn't be like a big priority for you right now. Similarly, my son has been told that girls should not be a priority for him, or his younger brothers. I might have also added in that conversation that girls are a bit crazy. I don't mean you are crazy... just girls in general are a little crazy. I am a girl and I am fully aware that I am crazy.
I would also like to discuss the issue of how people act after a break-up. For instance, your friends are giving him dirty looks and are ignoring him. Not cool. Let's all try to get along. Your friends were his friends. His friends are your friends. Boys don't tend to do the dirty looks/ignoring game. Way to go male chromosomes! It's not okay for kids to be mean to other kids. Just because y'all aren't going to be "going out" doesn't mean y'all can't just be friends. It also doesn't mean that the friends of each of you can't still be friends with each of you. I hope that makes sense. Finally, life is hard enough. Throwing in extra hard stuff is simply not necessary. Be happy. Be happy with yourself. Spend your time doing what makes you happy and having friends that are also working on being happy with themselves. When we fully realize that we are God's children and that He loves us perfectly, we tend to radiate that. It's a pretty simple concept. Be kind. Be smart. And, I really love my kid. This picture is of me and him, because those are the kinds of pictures I post when I am writing these open letters. He's a great kid. You're a great kid. Just be kids for crying out loud.

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