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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Autism In Our Home - Church

Church has become THE hardest part of our week. For some reason, Colton struggles enormously at church. I was not feeling well yesterday morning and almost didn't go to church. When we got to church, Josh looked at Colton and told him to get up because they were heading to the bathroom. Colton had simply put his church clothes on OVER his pajamas (which were showing from under his church pants). Awesome. He had no idea why that was a problem. So, they went and got the pajamas off and put church clothes back on. Josh took the pajamas out to the car, came back to the chapel and asked where Colton was. Colton had never come back to the chapel. Off Josh went again to find the missing child. Awesome. Once back in the chapel, Colton began to struggle very loudly. I gave Josh "the look." Josh moved Colton to the other side of him and gave him some sensory tools. All was under control for the remainder of Sacrament meeting. I was, once again, so grateful for a husband who rescues me when I am sinking. Colton got up and bore his testimony. We never quite know how that is going to go. :) He did great. Just because church is hard doesn't mean we don't go. It doesn't mean we don't try with everything we have. It doesn't mean that we give up. It means that we keep on trying, we trade off, we pray, we practice patience, we cry, we laugh, we smile, we take a deep breath. Giving up is not an option. We just keep trying.
On another note, the above picture is what Jackson drew during Sacrament meeting. It's Uncle. The end.

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