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Monday, April 6, 2015

Autism In Our Home - Holidays

We decided to try out our little town's Easter Egg Hunt. This is no small feat, People! We knew there would be a lot of people there and so we were prepared for that. Colton was not. When we arrived at the part, there were several different areas, reserved by ages. Josh took Brooklyn to her age group. I took Kaydon and Colton to theirs. Immediately, it was clear that this was going to be rough. Colton was noticing that there were several eggs that were already cracked open. A sweet mom next to us went and closed them all so that he would calm down. She was SO non-judgemental. She was VERY sweet and patient! She then pointed out to me that there was a special needs area. BLESSING! I want to give an ENORMOUS shout-out to West Point City for having a special needs pad for those kids who want to participate and can't in a "mainstream" environment. Colton was much more calm once we got to the special needs pad. He was able to enjoy his hunt. Once he felt like he had enough eggs, he began to help all of his little friends fill their buckets. One little friend didn't want to have eggs in her bucket! She sat on the ground and kept dumping out her bucket. I loved her! Colton couldn't understand why she didn't want the eggs he was giving her. Her very patient dad explained to Colton that she was silly that way. The Easter Egg Hunt was a success! Thank you to those who were so patient and helpful for those kiddos who want so badly to enjoy their holiday!

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