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Thursday, April 16, 2015

CDJH Wrestling Banquet

Tuesday night, we had the Central Davis Wrestling Banquet. Almost all 67 of Josh's wrestlers were there, along with the team managers, parents and some siblings. It was a great event. The food was amazing - catered by the Dutch Shoppe. Delicious! Josh recognized every single wrestlers. All of the boys were given two team pictures. The ninth graders were given a hoodie, with Central Davis on the front and the team motto on the back. Then, Josh gave out two awards that will be annual tradition. The Coach's Award is for the most improved wrestler. Matt Stone took this one home. I love that boy! Then, Josh had a plaque made for the former wrestling coach who coached for about 20 years. The MVP award is now named after him - The Johnson MVP Award. Coach Johnson was there and it was a bit emotional! Sam Tholen took home that award this year. I also love that boy!! I can't wait for next year's season!!

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