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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flying High

On Monday, Colton asked me if he could fly his new kite that he got for Easter. I got it ready for him and we went out to the front yard. I LOVE these pictures. Can you see the joy in that kid's face?!?! I love how he is looking at the underneath of the kite. Why don't we ALL do that?! The picture is always on the underneath! He flew that thing around for a good 2 1/2 minutes, and then he became frustrated with the way the wind was blowing it around and how he didn't have control over it. When Kaydon heard his shrieks of frustration (the whole neighborhood can hear when he shrieks!) he came out front and flew it around for Colton so that Colton could just enjoy it! Colton was in pure bliss. He watched that thing soar through the sky and expressed his happiness in his most awesome way! Moments like this seem rare. Autism is challenging for the one who has it, but also for the siblings who try so hard to understand and support. I was so thankful that Kaydon came out and flew BumbleBee around for Colton for a good 20 minutes so that he could just enjoy it!

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