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Friday, April 3, 2015

Uncle and Auntie Visit

Uncle and Auntie were visiting Utah this week. Last night, they, Nana and Randy, Uncle Brandon and Aunt Carrie came over for dinner. Auntie is my absolute favorite. I remember when I was little, we would sit in church and she would tickle my arm with her perfect nails. I remember that she lived with us for a little bit while she was pregnant with Trenton. I remember that she always loved me. Uncle is the kids' absolute favorite. He is seriously the coolest guy ever. The kids were SO excited to see Uncle. Uncle tells the best stories and Uncle loves his nephews and niece. Uncle also loves Josh and Josh loves Uncle. At the end of dinner, Colton began to struggle just a bit. Uncle reached is hand across the table and held Colton's hand until Colton was good to move on. Uncle didn't see it, but I cried a little. I SO wish they lived closer. I miss them. My children miss him. I love them so!

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