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Thursday, May 7, 2015

G & G Come To Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Nef came to visit on Saturday. Grandma interviewed every one of the grandkids on how school is going and on how boys shouldn't be in relationships until AFTER their mission, and on how Brooklyn is a princess (duh!), and on how Josh is amazing. Grandpa just sat there and... well sat there. He then played horses with Colton.

I have become quite close to my grandparents the older I have gotten. My grandma and I talk or text about once a week. I have come to love her and respect her and appreciate all of her amazing talents. My grandpa has always been one of my favorite people. He makes me smile. He makes everyone smile. I can't think of anyone who might dislike Grandpa. He is so hardworking, funny, talented, smart, out-going, accepting, and affectionate. Everyone he meets gets a hug and a kiss. I long for those hugs. He LOVES his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Every single one of them. It was so fun to see them!

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