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Friday, May 15, 2015


One of the hardest things about switching jobs was that I could do my previous job in my sleep, and sometimes I did. I knew that job inside and out. I knew who my resources were and because of that, I was really efficient. I had down time. Another thing that was hard about leaving that job was that I knew everyone, and I loved them. I still love them. Coming to a new job where I know no one and nothing has been a huge challenge for me. I have kept it together pretty good, but inside I'm bursting and feeling overwhelmed. My inbox is ALWAYS full and my to-do list is never-ending. This morning, however, I walked in to this:
That's my kind of inbox! I work with just the greatest people. There isn't any drama. Ever. Everyone works hard and gets their work done. Everyone has been so patient with me and so kind to sit with me through all of my note-taking. I have gone through multiple pads of paper. I'm getting it, but it's slow-going. I can't wait for the day when I feel like I get it! But today, I'm grateful for some thoughtful hearts who filled my inbox with Diet Coke... just because.

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