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Monday, May 18, 2015

Lucky Wifey

It's possible that Yoshua may kill me for posting this. Oh well!

Most of our relationship has been me and the kids supporting Josh while he coaches and plays sports. I love it! I love watching him play sports and I absolutely love watching him coach sports! I love being the supportive wife. This past Saturday, the tables were turned a bit and Josh didn't miss a beat! We needed to make an appearance at the marathon on Saturday and eat breakfast with important people. It was pouring rain and it was COLD. He was so great! We were there at 7:30 am and I could not have been more grateful for his support!!!

After the marathon, he took me to see Pitch Perfect 2! It was like the best day ever! I LOVE that movie! I ate my popcorn and laughed and danced in my seat! Just me and him at the movies! After that, he took me to Bountiful to a little boutique he found and bought me a skirt. Did you know that Josh buys all of my clothes and puts all of my outfits together?! He does. I HATE shopping. He does such a good job! THEN, he took me home and put movies in for me all night! Seriously, what in the world did I do to deserve him?!

Wait, there is more. Yesterday, half way through Sacrament Meeting, I got a text from the lady that I co-teach in Primary with. She wasn't going to make it. I showed Josh the text, and without hesitation he got on his phone to figure out what I could do for the lesson. Then he ran home and got the laptop. Josh teaches Sunday School, but missed it so that he could come help me. We have a challenging class this year. The girls are scared to go to class because of a little guy in there and that little guy causes quite a bit of trouble. The other little boys in the class don't do so well either. When Josh is there, everything is calm. The girls are laughing and smiling and the boys open up and participate.

I read a story and showed them the golden plates that Josh had made for me for another lesson. They were SO CUTE! They all told him that they want him to make them their own. He's going to be busy with that project! Then, he went up to the front and showed them a video and had a discussion with them. The kids were laughing, smiling, participating, and having FUN! The little guy who can be a trouble maker was SO good! He participated and smiled!

After class, the kids wanted him to give them piggy-back rides and let them fly through the air with their chairs as they stacked them. Inside, my heart burst! These little kids just blossomed. My husband went in there with a plan that he developed over about five minutes and rocked it. He didn't complain, he didn't act like it was a burden. He just did it. I cannot wait for him to achieve his goal of being a teacher. He was born to do it!

I'm a pretty blessed girl.

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