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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This year, we set a goal as a family to have an actual Family Home Evening every single Monday night. For the past five weeks, we have had utter success! Each of the children has planned, and presented a lesson and activity. Josh bought a wonderful book for them to use as a resource. When I get home on Monday nights, Josh has dinner prepared and has made sure that the person in charge is ready to go. After dinner, we all meet in the living room and listen to the words that have been prepared. Last night, Braxton taught us about King Lamoni and Ammon. We then all wrote what we believe on a piece of paper and then placed it on the fridge. I believe that these little meetings that we have every Monday night will provide our family with necessary protection from the adversary.

As I think about protection, I think about Brooklyn and her four brothers. I had a conversation with a new co-worker yesterday. He spoke of how his teenage daughter is beginning to date. I thought of the poor chaps who show up at our door, wanting to take Brooklyn out on a date. Can you imagine that poor kid's face when he sees her four brothers (not to mention her daddy) all standing there?? Brooklyn will always find protector with her brothers. Saturday, she and I were playing Battleship. She didn't quite get the gist of it, so Jackson sat beside her and helped her navigate. He looked out for her best interest, just like a big brother should.
After the game, she beat him up like only a little sister can... but more often than not, she is attached to her big brothers much the same way we should be attached to our elder brother, Jesus Christ. When we are doing what we should be doing, what we have been told to do for our own protection, we feel that safety that is so necessary in this world.

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