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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Saturdays are always quite busy for us. There is soccer, wrestling, umpiring, kids hanging with kids, chores, shopping, yard and house work... It's the same for so many of us, isn't it? How blessed are we that we GET to do all of those things on Saturdays?!! SO blessed!

Last year, for my birthday, Josh made a topsy turvy. He and I went and bought flowers for each of the six pots on Saturday and he got it up and looking amazingly beautiful Saturday afternoon! It is oh, so amazing!

When he was done with that, he began weed wacking the side yard. The next door neighbor's horses were along that fence grazing. The weed wacker didn't bother them as long as we were feeding them long grains of grass (weeds). They are the sweetest horses. Colton and Brooklyn just LOVE them. Sonny is my favorite. He is so sweet. He gives kisses and lets you comb his mane as much as you'd like. We are so blessed!

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