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Friday, June 19, 2015


This Sunday, we will celebrate Father's Day. Actually, we will be celebrating tonight, tomorrow night AND on Sunday. I have a few men that I am eternally grateful for:

1. My own daddy. My dad and I have always had a bond that is extra special. He was always my hero. He and I went on daddy-daughter dates, went for long walks to talk, and hung out at the ball field. I love him to the moon and am so grateful for a dad who has never given up on me.

2. My grandfathers. I have two - Grandpa Robb and Grandpa Nef. Grandpa Robb keeps an eye on me from the other side. I always feel him near me. I miss his hugs, his Diet Pepsi addiction, and his "Hi Honey" comments. My Grandpa Nef is still on Earth with us. He is such a sweet, gentle man. He loves, loves, loves his family - especially the grand babies and great-grand babies.

3. My brothers. I have pretty stalwart brothers who are good, good men. They do good everyday. They are good husbands and good uncles.

4. My husband. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for the father he is to our five children. He loves them. He protects them. He teaches, trains, and directs them. He supports them. He picks them up when they fall. He is a wonderful example of hard work, tenacity, and love. He is the protector and patriarch of our little family. He takes such good care of me and of our kiddos.

Happy Father's Day to you, Joshua. We love you.

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