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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scout Camp 2015

Jackson and Braxton left for scout camp this morning. I am not a big fan of scout camp. You see, things happen at these events that would NEVER happen at girls camp!!!! I normally don't want to hear any of the stories from scout camp!! They are not good stories for moms to listen to. I will miss them terribly. My hope and prayer is that they come back, having grown closer to one another and Heavenly Father.
In other news, is there anything hotter than a husband getting his son ready for church?! NOPE!!! Colton left his tie on for one hour and then took it off. We were pretty impressed that he left it on that long! As we get closer to his twelfth birthday, Josh will talk to the Bishop about having Colton do a special Sacrament route so that he can participate. Hopefully he'll even wear a tie!
Speaking of church, look what Brooklyn drew during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday! I love it!! Love, love, love it!!!

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