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Monday, June 29, 2015

Temple Terror & Triumph

I took my endowment out almost twenty years ago. It was a lovely day. A couple of months later, I went to the St. George Temple to do a session. It was an utter and complete failure. I vowed never to go back. Ever. Without disclosing too much, the helper at the veil was much less than helpful. In fact, she would not help me at all and I was stuck at the veil for a very long time. It was a nightmare. After this experience, my mom drove down to St. George and took me to the Temple. She spoke with the Matron of the Temple, told her of my experience, and pleaded with her for help. The sweet Matron then gave my mom and I a private room in the Temple so that my mom could practice the veil portion with me. I have had it memorized ever since and repeat it to myself quietly almost every day.
I knew that I needed to go to the Temple on Saturday. I just knew I needed to be there. I drove up there and presented my recommend at the front desk. I was then told that the name in the system did not match the name on my recommend. I was asked to take a seat in the lobby while the recorder was called to the desk. Terror swept over me. There I was, alone, again, and feeling like I was not going to be allowed in the Temple on the day I knew I needed to be there. The recorder came out, took my recommend and disappeared. I sat there. Alone. All alone. Several minutes later, the recorder returned and called me to go back with him. I cried. He told me that everything was fine, that it was simply my maiden name in the system and apologized that the front desk made such a big deal out of it. I told him that I felt like I was not going to be allowed to enter. He explained to me that he was the previous bishop in my ward and asked where we lived. He was kind and compassionate. I was grateful. I pulled myself together and went to dress.
I received the name of the sweet girl I was going through for. She only had a first name. No last name. Yet, I knew that she was known to our Heavenly Father. It was a very small session, in fact just enough couples to fill the prayer circle. When I made it to the veil, I was ready as I always am. Then, I realized that my helper at the veil was training. It was her first day. She was so nervous. She couldn't get any of her part right. I was so willing to stand there as long as needed so that she could feel comfortable and get it right! I had my part down. She just needed to get her feet under her and feel confident in her part. Either way, I wanted her to take her time.

Together, we triumphed. When I got to the other side, I hugged the man standing there. I'm pretty sure that threw him off. It's okay! I was reminded that we are imperfect people trying to live as part of a perfect gospel. We are all in this together. We need to be patient with one another. We need to be kind. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. I love to see the Temple!

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