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Thursday, July 30, 2015

ABC Game - Christensen Style

Last Saturday, we went to my mom's house for a family dinner. It was to celebrate my cousin, Jared's, mission call and endowments. We arrived earlier than anyone else, so we sat outside as a little family and played the ABC game. As people arrived, the cool ones joined us! We are just awesome like that.

Aunt Carrie was not impressed with our rules. We didn't care. We kept playing Christensen-style. (Love you Aunt Carrie!)

Tiffany brought along Tanner (my new best friend forever). Tanner made me happy. Tiffany always makes me happy.

I will say that I won the most games of everyone. So, burn! I also got to love on Grandpa Nef (bummed there are no pictures of him). Grandma also gave me some canning tips. It was a lovely evening in Sandy... although I am always glad to go back home to my isolated West Point!

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