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Monday, July 20, 2015

Christensen Family Camp

Friday afternoon, we headed up to Logan Canyon for a weekend full of camping. Josh dropped us off so that we could set up camp and then he went up to Bear Lake to get Kaydon, who had been at Scout camp all week. It took Jackson, Braxton and I at least an hour to get the dang tent up. I seriously thought these boys of mine were scouts. It was ridiculous! All the while, Brooklyn and Colton collected wood and snails. Once the tent was up, we started working on the fire. It took another hour to get a dang fire started. All the while, it was raining. We finally got it started and put our hobo dinners on the fire to cook.

Josh returned with Kaydon, who was not exactly thrilled at the idea of camping for three more days. We told Josh about our good luck when it came to setting up camp. Of course, he was able to get a rip-roaring fire going. Stupid fire. The kids played cards and then we started walking around the campsite in search of my mom and Brandon and Carrie, who were camping with us. They arrived at like 10 pm. We walked up there and Josh helped them set up camp in the dark. Good times.

It rained all night and Saturday morning we headed back to their camp to have some breakfast. It was pretty obvious that the rain was not going to let up. We went back to camp and packed up and headed back home. Good times. Good times.
Saturday afternoon, they all joined us at our house for dinner and smores. Of course, it was completely clear and sunny at home. Good times. Good times.

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