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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Food Truckin'

On Tuesdays, we like to take the kiddos and go to the parking lot of RC Willey in Layton (or maybe it's Syracuse). They have several food trucks set up. We take our camping chairs and set them up in the parking lot by the van. Everyone gets to choose what they want to eat and we sit out there and chit chat for an hour or so. It's fun to be surrounded by others families doing the very same thing, too. It's a fun little tradition that we've started. We've actually only gone twice, but who said tradition has to require doing it lots of times?!
When we got home, Brooklyn wanted to make cookies with Mom. Her idea of making cookies with Mom is watching Mom make them, then she eats the batter while I try to get some in the oven. I ended up making NINE cookies. The rest went in tummy. She was VERY happy, so that's all that mattered!

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