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Monday, July 13, 2015

Her Time

Because we don't have Brooklyn 100% of the time, we try to do Brooklyn time. We try to do a girl night and a daddy/daughter date when we have her for longer periods of time without interruption. Friday night was our girl night. We went to get our nails done - which is her favorite thing of all time. Then we went to McD's for dinner. You know that girl has my heart when she can get me to go to McD's because that place is disgusting. Then, she decided that she wanted to have a pretend family birthday party on Saturday night, so we went to the Dollar Store to get supplies. After that, we watched movies in my bed and ate popcorn. I am so grateful for that time that we get. After being a single mom of boys for forever, it's so fun to have bonding time with my daughter.
Saturday was daddy/daughter time. They went and saw a movie, then went to Minions Activity Day at the theater. She got to play games, get her arm painted, and have a Minions dance-off. She had a great time and got some fun prizes. Mostly, she just loved being with her daddy. They have a relationship that I have never seen before. She loves her dad and nothing on this planet makes Josh happier than his little girl.

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