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Friday, July 3, 2015

Pearly Whites

West Point Dental was pretty much amazing on Wednesday. Dad, Mom, and the four boys went to the dentist. Colton went first so that he wouldn't get worked up about the experience. He did SO great, but the staff was incredible! They were patient and calm. I patted his leg the entire time with the heart beat rhythm. He rocked it! And, for an Autistic kiddo who has hygiene and sensory issues and doesn't brush hardly ever, he had ZERO cavities!!
Kaydon was next - well sort of at the same time. Kaydon loved it! He also has ZERO cavities!!!
Braxton and Jackson were next. I only have pictures of the first three boys because I had to go too! Braxton is in a bit of rough shape. He has a few cavities, with one that is so bad it may need a root canal. :( He was a tough cookie, though, and in the next two weeks we will get it taken care of!
Jackson also has quite a few cavities. He and Braxton were so stinking frustrated because they brush every day and they do a good job. Their teeth just aren't as healthy.

Josh has one little issue - a cracked tooth. They'll fix that next week.

This girl - this girl right here - this girl who NEVER EVER EVER goes to the dentist - this girl has ZERO cavities!

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