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Monday, July 6, 2015


Saturday morning at 5:45, Josh took Braxton and I to Loy Blake Park to run our first 5K race. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack - and not a mild one! There were so many more people there than I ever imagined and it was clear that 99% of them were actual runners. When it was time to start, I told Braxton to go kill it and I got in the very back of the pack where I could just run and not have to worry about getting run over! With about 40 meters left, after running the entire way, Braxton came running toward me. He finished with me. I was SO grateful for that because I was TIRED. We finished just the way we started this journey - together!
Josh and the kids were at the finish line to cheer me on. I was so glad to see that family of mine there! I ran it in 36 minutes - 12 minute miles.
This boy, however, took THIRD place in his age group. Holy crap I am so proud of him! He was up against cross-country runners and track stars and he pulled out a third place win!
Off to train for our next 5K!

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