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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scout Camping With dad

Josh, Braxton, and Kaydon went on an overnighter last weekend. They went up to the Uintahs. Josh and the boys said it was beautiful. It was nice and cool at night, too. Kaydon's happy place is in the mountains. He always told me he wanted to be a hobo when he grew up and just live in the mountains. He is at home there. He doesn't care who is around, or what they think - he runs around like a wild animal and makes loud noises. He collects his walking sticks. He collects other outdoors-type treasures. He is free up there.
Braxton is happy to hike and eat. Who isn't?! At least the eating part! He was just happy to be up there with Dad. He is happy to eat like starburst and beef jerky for breakfast!
I'm so glad that the boys get to have adventures like this throughout he summer. There are scout camps galore, overnighters, youth conferences, and service projects. I am also immensely grateful for the leaders who take time off of work, away from their families, and take these crazy boys on adventures! There is so much to learn and so much to experience during these times for these boys. It takes them away from electronic devices, out of the house, maybe away from their comfort zones and lets them experience life as it should be!
When I was young, our summers were spent in Cowley, Wyoming with Grandma and Grandpa Robb. They lived on a farm, and then moved into "town," where there were like 50 other families. We spent our summers outside. Grandma made us stay outside all day, except for meals. Our job was to explore and experience. It was to use our imaginations and to be kids. Grandpa removed engines from the riding lawn mowers and we drove those puppies around all day, everyday. We explored the old chicken coops, the dried up canals, the old sheds and barns, the dozen old cars that had been there for decades. We played horse shoes, volleyball, tag, hide and seek (best game ever when you are on acres and acres and acres of land!). We ate outside. We pretended to be animals and grown up humans. We laughed and played. It was perfection.

My kids don't have the ability to do that, but we do our best to try to let them explore and imagine as best they can. That really is a kid's job - to explore and learn.

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