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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sweet Trixie Girl

My parents' dog, Trixie, went to Heaven Sunday morning at 5:10. Saturday, we were headed down to Sandy to go to a family dinner at my mom's house. I felt a deep impression to go visit with my parents first. We have known that Trixie was sick and didn't have a ton of time left on Earth, but I had no idea just how close to death she was. She was so sweet on Saturday. She came out and let us all love on her. My dad told me that this was the first time she has been in the front room in a long time.
Trixie was so beautiful. She was so sweet, so loving, so quiet. She was so fun to take on walks. She made my parents so happy. Her little sister, Hailey, is going to miss her so much. Jackson said Trixie is irreplaceable and he is so right! We love you Trixie Girl.

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