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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Swimming at Martha's House

On the 24th of July, our sweet neighbor has a big block party - complete with food, water slides and dog poop! Only a few of us showed up to it this year. After dinner, and the dogs eating the food off of the table, we opted to go a couple of doors down to Martha's and swim for the rest of the night. Some of us planned on swimming (all of the kids and Josh). Some of us did NOT plan on swimming (me). However, my husband opted to throw me in the pool (clothed). Funny.

The kids had a blast. Joshua broke the make-shift slide to the pool. Awesome. I eventually got into the pool willingly. The kids rock-climbed and jumped into the water over and over again. Mostly, I just loved being with Martha and watching Baby Brooklyn smile.

I sure love that family!

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