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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mom Time / Girl Time

Saturday morning, I told Josh that I needed Mom time. He and I went and ran errands for a few hours, then went home and took care of everything there. I was thinking about what I wanted to do all by myself. Then, I remembered Brooklyn's little voice that had been begging me all day to do girl time with her. I knew in that moment that Mom time could wait - my girl needed me. We were both in our pajamas. I told her to put her shoes on and get in the car. We got our toe nails painted - her favorite!

Afterwards, she asked me if we were going to go get dinner. I reminded her that we had just eaten dinner right before we left. Stinker!! Then, she kept saying "I could really use a popsicle!" So, we went and got popsicles for she and brothers.

I know that soon our kids won't care to spend every minute with their parents. I am grateful for these times when we make memories, when they know that they are loved, when they know that they are worth it!

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