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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Josh was in charge of FHE last night. He taught us about the importance of the Priesthood on the Earth today. He reminded our family that all five boys in our home will now have the Priesthood. He is ordaining Jackson to a Priest, Braxton to a Teacher, and Colton to a Deacon on August 30. Kaydon will also still be a Deacon. He had them each tell him what their particular responsibilities are. He talked to Jackson about blessing the Sacrament. He talked to them about the importance of honoring that Priesthood. He then bore his testimony. It touched my heart to the brink of exploding.
I then talked to them quickly about the importance that honoring their Priesthood is for Brooklyn and I. I told them my testimony of the Priesthood and how it blesses their sister and I. I told them that it is important that they ALWAYS honor it so that they can use those keys at any time that they may be called on to do so.

The Spirit was strong in our home last night, and I am so thankful. I have a testimony of the Priesthood. I know that through the Priesthood, and the MEN that hold it and honor it, we are blessed on this Earth at this time. I have been given many Priesthood blessings by men who worthily hold it and my life has been blessed immensely. I have seen sick people be healed, I have been comforted, guided, and directed, and I have seen people be released comfortably from this life to the next. I am grateful for the blessing it is in our home.

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