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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Salesmen & Blessings

Grandma LeeAnn had a yard sale Saturday morning. She is still going through all of Grandma's things. The boys asked if they could sell some of their things and we agreed. They were on point! For the first thirty minutes, they were the only ones selling anything! I was so proud of them! We were able to help Grandma LeeAnn and teach the boys lessons about hard work, honesty, and money.
Afterwards, Jackson drove he and I home. It's kind of terrifying, but I can't wait to have a third driver in our home!!
We had THE coolest experience during this yard sale. A sweet man named Earl came with his wife to look over the goods. He was carrying his oxygen tank and wearing his Marines hat. He was so talkative and just wanted to tell me about everything. I could not get enough of him. His sweet wife took her time, just looking around. He talked to my brother-in-law, Matt, and thanked him for his service. I sat him in the cool garage, with a fan and a cold drink of water and then I just loved on him. He told me the story of meeting his wife, Rhonda. He was 29 and had a three year old daughter. She was 17. His daughter saw her one day and said, "Daddy, I think it's time to have a mommy. Will you marry my dad?" Earl said that he went and paid for the $2 marriage license, married her, and got out of town so that he wouldn't be arrested for marrying a 17 year old. :) They have been married for 53 years. I love him. He made me so happy. I was honored to meet him. I gave him a hug and kiss when they left, and gave Rhonda a great big hug. After the yard sale, Josh and the three youngest boys went and picked plums off of his tree because he couldn't get up there to get them. Josh and I made 10 pints of plum freezer jam with them. I love that Heavenly Father knows who we need in our life, right when we need them!

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