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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Boy

This boy has our hearts. Gus is calm, obedient, smart, and loving. He is a mama's boy through and through and I kind of love it! When he sees daddy, it is a barking war, a tickle war, a tug-of-war or just rough-housing and he knows it! He loves the kids! And, they love him so much. This was a good decision for our family. We needed Gus and he needed us.

Brooklyn met him on Monday and he had her laughing so hard that it was a rolling, loud laugh from her. She is in bliss. In between trying to catch her breath from laughing, she would say, "Gus, I love you so much Gus Gus." It melted my heart.

Around 7:30 every night, he knows it's calm-down time. He comes into our room and waits for someone to get him up onto our bed. Then he lays there, chews on his bone and falls asleep. Daddy puts him to bed and the night is over. It's heaven.

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