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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

See Ya!

Last night, Josh umpired two softball games. I didn't go watch. I was SO tired. I closed Monday night and I close again tonight. This morning, I asked him how it went. He said he had to kick a guy out. For those of you who know Josh, it takes A LOT to get kicked out of a game by Josh. He is so level-headed and not a lot gets to him. I try not to let it get to me, too.

I grew up with a dad who coached baseball. Parents of baseball players are brutal. I saw and heard it all - and it wasn't always nice. I would cry and cry and cry when people would say things about my dad. Josh coaches football and wrestling. Wrestling parents are great, at least ours are. I have never had an issue with one of our parents. Football can be tricky. At Layton home games, you can count on all of the wives being lined up in camping chairs in the north end zone - as far away from the bleachers (and parents) as possible.

When it comes to Josh umpiring, things are VERY rough. People argue calls, they tell him to get some glasses, they tell him to open his eyes, they tell him to learn the game... it goes on and on and on. I hold my tongue most of the time. When our children are there, it is VERY hard. They hear it and it breaks them. I think every single one of them has been emotionally upset by comments at least once. Colton can't handle it at all and I have to walk away with him.

Last night, the moron was swearing the entire game and repeatedly asked Josh if he was going to make a call. Finally, Josh said, "I just did and she's safe." Then he said, "See ya!" The other team asked Josh if he needed an escort. LOL. Josh said, "Do I look like I need an escort?!" :)

I am not biased when it comes to sports. I have no problem telling Josh if I think he made a bad call. He doesn't make bad calls. He is so, extremely talented. Plus, he's handsome as heck. He does a great job coaching, umpiring and playing. I'm his biggest fan.

Just a reminder - be careful what you say out loud. You never know if the person's family is sitting near you. If you have a problem with an umpire, or a coach, speak to them in a private manner. Be respectful. Remember that we are all human. But, don't blurt things out. You never know if a wife or a child might be sitting nearby.


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