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Friday, October 9, 2015

Angels on Earth

Yesterday, when I got home from work, Colton told me that he HAD to show me what he got at school. I was busily making dinner, dessert, getting thank-you cards ready for Jackson to deliver, getting laundry started, making lunches, and watching my phone to see if I was getting called into my second job. I was half-ignoring him when he came up to the counter with an absolute treasure. When he laid it out, I stopped in my tracks - in awe of the angel on Earth who took the time to do this for my boy.

When Colton got to school, his desk was covered in post-it notes and a little note on a white piece of paper. The note, paraphrased, said, "We noticed you have been bullied recently. We want you to know the good things about you. From two people." They then laid out compliments in the form of post-it notes all over his desk. He peeled each one of them apart and read to me what they said.

To that person, or people, who did this for my son:
Thank you. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for noticing AND doing something about it. Thank you for killing the bullying with kindness. Thank you for your words, your time, your effort. You may never know how much that meant to my boy, and to his mom. I sometimes feel like I just can't get this right, or like I can't do enough for him, or like I can't protect him the way he needs to be protected. You did so much for my boy that I couldn't have done. I am sure that you have other things you could have done with your time. Oh, how thankful I am that you didn't. How thankful I am that you did what you did. It made his heart burst with joy, happiness, and confidence. "Someone thinks these things about me, Mama!" I told him that they sure do!

Thank you for noticing and doing something about it.

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