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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mommy Martha & Anubis

Colton has his Egyptian wax museum and presentation coming up at school. He has chosen Anubis. Below is a picture of Anubis. Creepy if you asked me! You didn't, but I'm going to tell you anyways. Anywho, while talking to Colton about Anubis, Kaydon chimed in about what Egyptian figure he was at his sixth grade wax museum. I couldn't remember who he was because I wasn't there - see previous post. I asked Kaydon if he was sad that no one was there to see him at his wax museum. He said, "Mom! Heidi came, remember?! I wasn't alone. She was there!!" Then I started to weep and went to my room to put myself in timeout.
Heidi is Mommy Martha. Mommy Martha was there for my boy because his mommy couldn't be there. He wasn't alone because she was there. It wasn't weird to him that his real mommy wasn't there because all he cared about was that he wasn't alone. What would I do without Mommy Martha?!

We are never alone. God always answers prayers - not in the way we might want Him to - but He does answer them. He has put Mommy Martha in our lives because I need her, and so do my kids.

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