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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Surgery Update & Selfies

Josh's knee seems to be healing nicely. We unwrapped it last night and gave him a little time without the bandages. He is a superstar when it comes to most everything, especially surgery. He isn't using his crutches and he is just taking a small amount of Ibprofen and Tylenol. He is, however, getting very depressed. We always want to take work off, but then when we have it off and there is nothing we can do, all we want is to go back to work! He'll be back in no time and everything will be just fine! :)
My Sweet Pam challenged me to a 10-day selfie and positive thought challenge. I have to post a flipping selfie on Facebook everyday for 10 days!!! Who does that?!?!

As I thought about it today, after posting my first selfie, I thought about what a great idea that actually is for those of us who don't typically think so highly of ourselves! It's important that we show ourselves, and our children, that we see ourselves as children of God. We aren't being narcissistic or arrogant. But, we aren't embarrassed of ourselves. So, I am proud to accept the challenge... although a weeeeee bit uncomfortable!

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