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Friday, October 23, 2015

This 'N That & More

Oh, the chaos that is our lives. Do you ever feel like you are just doggy-paddling through life? Like you are in a fog and you are just barely, by the skin of your nose, keeping your head above water? Like you aren't good at anything because you aren't giving enough time and energy to anything at all? Everything is getting only a portion of me! But, in the end we are all just trying to put one foot in front of the other. We are all just doing our best, which is all we can do - AND it's all that we are asked to do!

Wednesday night, Jackson brought me a caramel apple from work. It was heavenly. I love my children. They are thoughtful, hardworking, independent, and diligent. They give everything they have and more. SO much more is expected of them than most children. Most nights, they do not have parents there to feed them dinner, make their lunches, help them with homework, and just talk to them. They are on their own to do all of that and more. They don't complain. They don't fight. They just do it. Sweet, sweet boys. I love them so.

The football season ended last night with Layton losing to Davis. In so many ways, I am sad yet grateful. Until November 9, when wrestling starts, Josh will be at home at night with his children. They need that desperately.

I love wrestling season. I love to watch my husband coach wrestling. He is in his element. He is oh, so good at what he does. I love to watch his children watch him coach. They love that their dad is the coach. They love to wrestle with him and work out with him. They love to be around the wrestlers. It reminds me of my childhood. I loved, more than anything, to watch my dad coach. I loved being around his players. I loved all of it (except the parents). It was a good life.

Monday, Josh will be getting his knee scoped and probably preparing for a knee replacement. His years playing football have now caught up with him. Neck surgery a couple of years ago and now the knees.

Today is the end of the term for the kiddos. They made it through one more term and I am so glad!

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