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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Last night, while I was working, a lady came in. She was with her daughter, who I would guess is around 8 years old. This sweet lady told me that she had been asked on a date. She said that she needed help because she didn't know what people wear on dates anymore. She was dressed in a pair of jeans that was several sizes too big for her. She also wore a Star Wars t-shirt with a very large fleece jacket, eye glasses, and her hair down in her face. I told her that I knew just how she felt. I remembered the fear of dating. Once you've been married, and had kids, dating again is terrifying. It's weird. It's not natural. It doesn't feel right and the anxiety that comes along with it is intense.

I immediately felt bonded to Sweet Lady. I asked her if she just wanted a top. She said that she probably needed everything. We immediately began. We found a couple of tops and a couple of pairs of jeans. Then we headed to the fitting room. She began to light up, having so much fun trying on clothes. After a couple of minutes, she asked if I thought she should take her eye glasses off for the date. I asked her to show me what that would look like. Oh my gosh... gorgeous!!

We found the perfect outfit for her. She asked if she needed earrings. I grabbed some earrings. She was set! She came out of the fitting room and hugged me, crying. She thanked me for helping her. In reality, she helped me! To spend my time making someone feel the beauty that they are was a blessing.

It made me think of my first date with Josh. We met in the Layton Hills Mall parking lot and drove to Baskin Robbins in Layton. Brooklyn was with us. We had some ice cream, then drove back to the parking lot. I remember being so nervous. I am pretty sure I wore levi capris and a V-neck t-shirt. Nothing special, really. But, I remember the nerves!

I so hope that Sweet Lady has the best time on her date. More importantly, I hope that she feels as beautiful as she is when she gets dressed and walks out of the house!!!

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  1. You my friend were THE PERFECT person to help her. You have a way of making people feel loved and important. Love you!