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Friday, November 6, 2015

My Gay Brothers - Part Two

Earlier this year, I wrote this blog post.

It is about these two right here.

This morning, I began to read social media posts about the LDS Church not allowing children of same-sex couples to be members of the Church until they turn 18. It's all over the place. I'm sure that if another religious entity came out and said something similar, it would be all over the place as well. But, since it's a little closer to my heart, mind, and soul, I can't seem to not notice that it's every where.

This "ruling," has definitely brought forth conversation. Everyone has an opinion, don't they? Some of the posts I have read state, "I hope this makes people get out of that effed up cult." Others have said, "This made me cry." Even others have said, "If you don't know, then don't speak." There is anger, frustration, fury, shock, sadness, confusion, and animosity for sure.

I feel that we all have our right to an opinion. We also have the ability to choose for ourselves. Do we live in the world or of the world? Do we hold to a Gospel that we believe in and continue to support and sustain a Prophet who we love? Do we sit in our circles and bad-mouth people - whether it's because we disagree with the life styles of others, or if it's because we disagree with the First Presidency's ruling? Do we choose to act high and mighty, as if we are better than anyone? Do we choose to love others, no matter what? Do we choose to lift up, hug, smile at, emotionally support those who are hurting, who feel alone?

I have not yet talked to my brothers about this ruling. I do not ever speak for them. I imagine Logan is receiving questions and comments, but I don't even know that for sure. And if he is, he can handle himself. I have no doubt about that. But let me say this - my brothers are sons of God, just as I (a straight, white girl) is a daughter of God. Their worth is no different than mine, or yours. In fact, anyone who sits down and takes 5 minutes to get to know them falls in love with them. They are just that amazing.

I don't know if my brothers plan to provide me with nieces or nephews. That is not my business, just like it's no one's business. But if they do, those babies will be loved just as much as if they came from my straight brothers. Oh my gosh will they be loved!

I don't know the answers to everything. I don't know the reasoning behind the "ruling" given by the First Presidency. I don't know what inspiration they received. But, I do believe that they are good men, called of God, to lead and guide this church on Earth. I do believe that. I sustain them. I love them.

I also love my brothers, oh so much. Because I love them as much as I do, I will defend them to the core. If people don't have anything nice to say, maybe they shouldn't speak. If people think that they are better than anyone else on this planet, maybe they should be humbled. (This includes me! I can be quite the feisty pants!) If people think that other people "deserve" something because they don't agree with them, no one "deserves" anything! No one.

Please be kind. Please smile. Please love. That really is what the fundamentals of the Church come down to.

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