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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nana Visits & Warriors

On Saturday morning, Nana drove up to bring us 14 pints of homemade honey from Lovell, Wyoming AND to bring Little Miss her new cape. Nana gave Kaydon a cape a few years ago and he still wears it often, as he pretends to be a warrior who is saving the world. Gosh, I love that kid! Brooklyn likes to "train" with Kaydon. Brooklyn can't adequately train with Kaydon without a cape. Duh! So, Brooklyn has been begging Nana to make her a cape. Saturday, Nana brought her the cape. Brooklyn and Kaydon "trained" for the rest of the day. She came in and told me that she had made it to "knighthood." Becoming a warrior takes a little more practice! ;)

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