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Thursday, December 17, 2015

H is for Holly Berries

Last night, we loaded up and headed to Brooklyn's first grade class's holiday program. They need an A-Z themed holiday program. Brooklyn had the letter "H." She said, "H is for holly berries that we use to deck the halls." She did awesome! She sang all of the songs and did all of the actions just perfectly. It was a wonderful program. Her brothers all clapped so loud for her. As always, they are her biggest fans.

We took Grandma Leanne with us. She had major surgery a little over a week ago and can't yet drive. It was so good to get her out of the house and watch her enjoy the program. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. It's helpful when your son works there and you get 50% off!!! Then, Josh took her to the store with Colton and the other boys and I went home.

It was a great night, away from that part-time job I have, and enjoying being with my people.

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