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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Instruments in His Hands

Saturday, I had planned to be at the Layton Invitational Tournament all day. Plans changed when each of the kids was asking for Mom time. I obliged. We decorated the house for Christmas, cleaned, did laundry, played games, and laughed. Meanwhile, B. Beck dropped off a basket of love to Josh at Layton High for me. He brought it home for me and I cried.
B. Beck is the closest to perfect of anyone (besides my Grandma Robb) I have ever known. She is so in-tune with the Spirit, and she acts on those things. B. has been through hard times with me, dating back 15 years. She has never left me. She has loved me, prayed with me, wiped my tears, held my children, and reminded me often that I am strong.

I have said this before, but I am surrounded by angels. I always have been. Heavenly Father has blessed me with people who have done what I think He would do if He were here. And, these people have acted on those promptings. B. Beck gifted me with so many surprises. A couple of weeks ago, Miss Birdie sent me a note and a gratitude journal. Last night, Josh and I came home late from working at Kohls to find boxes of food and detergent on our front porch. Martha gets Colton home from school safely everyday, makes us homemade chicken noodle soup, and makes me laugh when I feel like crying. Family members love us and support us and care for us.

We are so blessed. And, we are so grateful.

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