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Friday, December 18, 2015

Shout it From the Rooftops!

Heavenly Father knows us. He hears us. He expects us to do all we can, then He fills in the holes. Shout if from the rooftops! One of my very favorite co-workers is off for the next couple of months after a Cancer diagnosis and an upcoming surgery. He popped in this morning to bring me my favorite treat that he made early, early this morning - pie crust with cinnamon sugar on it. Just because he wanted me to feel HIS love. Are you kidding me?

This morning as I was leaving my house for work, I opened an envelope addressed to me on the kitchen table. There was no return address on the envelope. It was a homemade card that simply said, "Merry Christmas! We love you and your family and hope you have a wonderful Christmas." It had two $100 bills in it. I cried all the way to work. I called Josh and told him. He simply said, "We are so blessed, Heidi. People really do love us."

I am just amazed at the love we have been shown, at the unselfishness of people who are so willing to give to us, at the kindness of good people. I SO wish I knew who this card was from!!! I need to hug them and tell them that we love them and that we are so thankful.

As I talked to Heavenly Father in the car this morning, which I do every morning, I told Him that I struggle so much doing it His way. Why can't I just win these contests I enter all the time? Why not just have back CS paid in full? Why can't I just get a fat raise at work? But, it's not up to me. I just need to keep giving it my all, and He will fill in the rest in HIS way and in HIS time.

I am so grateful. We are children of God. Literally. He knows us. Literally. That's a real thing. Shout it from the rooftops!

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