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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hump Daaaaayyyyyy

This morning, Braxton and Kaydon came with me to drop Jackson off at school. Then, we had some time before their eye appointments so we went to Einstein Bagels so they could try the amazing strawberry banana smoothies. They are SO good, but you must request whipped cream. Why wouldn't you?? Anywho, then it was off to the eye doctor - which we couldn't find. We literally drove in circles for almost 30 minutes. I'm not very bright.

Once there, we signed in then my 13 and 14 year old boys proceeded to go into the little door and play with the Legos. I was not at all surprised. The others in the waiting room may or may not have been... I love my boys. Anywho, Braxton has great eye sight. Kaydon, not so much. Glasses are on their way. Hopefully he won't break this pair.

I informed the doctors and nurses we would be back on Friday. They may or may not have seemed excited about that. One down, one to go... then to the specialist for Braxton on Monday. Good times!

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