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Monday, January 25, 2016

Ice Castle Magic

Saturday night, we ventured up to Midway to explore the Ice Castles. They were stunning. They were absolutely beautiful. Brooklyn loved them because it was just like "Frozen." The older boys loved them because there were cute girls there. Whatever. Colton loved the lights and the sounds.

On the way up, it began to snow and Kaydon leaned forward and quietly asked, "Should we say a prayer?" YES we should! And he did. On the way home, thankfully the kids all fell asleep. It was an absolute white-out all the way home and it was terrifying. I was in the back with the five kids, while Grandma Leanne was in the front with Josh. I prayed and prayed and prayed. You couldn't see anything at all. We finally made it home with one car-sick Mama and some tired kiddos. I was especially grateful that night that we were protected in every way.
Oh, and while we are speaking of ice and snow, Colton built a pretty rad "iceman." Love that kid!

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