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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day Three - Braxton's Trial and Triumph

Sunday was another day spent in the ICU. Braxton went back to the operating room on Sunday morning. An ENT, Pulmonologist, and GI were in the operating room with him. The goal was to fully scope him from the nose, down to his intestines to see if they could locate the bleed. The ENT started. He did a little biopsy on his nose, but found no active bleeding. His throat looked good and the "tear" in his esophagus that had been seen on two x-rays by two ERs was miraculously gone. The Pulmonologist was next. He noted that Braxton's vocal cords were severely bruised. He then went into his lungs and sucked out all of the blood. There were no tears or lesions in his lungs. The GI then went in and scoped his belly. Although several ulcers were found, none of them were bleeding ulcers. Long story short - they couldn't tell us where all of the blood came from. The guess was still that it was a rough intubation or extubation after his torsion surgery.

They brought him back to his ICU room to recover. He was able to eat for the first time since Thursday. He chose a chicken caeser salad and a shake. He ate it up. He was awake and coherent for about an hour! It was so great to see him sitting up and eating. He even texted a little bit. Then he was worn out so he went back to sleep.

Because of the sick kiddos in the ICU, the doctors were concerned that Braxton would catch something and be unable to fight it off. For that reason, they moved us to a private room on the third floor. That was great news for both of us! I would finally have a bed and he would finally have more quiet. Grandma came and sat in the rocking chair with him all night so that I could sleep next to him and not worry. I felt like we were finally on the right track. Braxton's best friend, Blake, also came to see him Sunday night. Blake's family had been on vacation in St. George. Blake was beside himself knowing that Brax was in the hospital. So, the whole family packed up and came home so that Blake could come to the hospital. It was so good to see them see each other.

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