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Friday, February 5, 2016

Keep Going

Dear Self,

Things are really, really, really hard right now. Most every hour contains long minutes of prayer - either silent or out loud. Most night you are crying yourself to sleep. That means that most mornings you wake up with extremely swollen eyes. You are tired - mostly emotionally. You have learned to talk to Heavenly Father, not just pray, but really talk to him like He is in the car with you, sitting there with you. You are doing the right things. You are making the right choices right now. With that, you can have faith that the right things are going to happen even if they aren't the things you want to have happen. They will be the right things for you and your babies.

Do you realize how absolutely blessed you are with these babies? Oh, they are magnificent, royal creatures of our Heavenly Father. They love you with a love that is not known by everyone on Earth. They are stalwart, good young men with strong testimonies of the Gospel. They protect you and honor you as their mama. Oh, how blessed you are to have them.

Every night Miss Birdie posts the exact quote that you need at the very moment you need it. She has never left your side. Ever. How blessed you are with friends and family members who have carried you when you could no longer walk. But, Self, you ARE walking right now. You are getting up every morning and doing it again. You are strong and faithful and richly aware of your blessed surroundings. You are eating. You are sleeping as best as you can. You are trying. You are not giving in or giving up.

Self, keep going. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep hoping. But, Self, don't go so long that you lose yourself again. Remember that Heavenly Father has a plan for you. As long as you are doing your best, He will always (and has always) make up the rest.


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